Management Reporting Measurements & Money

The program aims to help participants to perform executive tasks in English – especially when they need to express and write numbers and figures.
You will learn how to compare company results, discuss product ranking and rating, understand market reports (including the stock exchange and FOREX) and much more.
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Some benefits of this course

Excel in international business by ensuring your English communication language is up-to-date and free of mistakes. Misunderstanding between professionals with different mother tongue languages is very common, but can be avoiding with training from a business English trainer.

Highly Qualified Trainer

With more than 15 years business experience working in London, Paris and Berlin, plus a further 15 years as a business trainer, Sean is uniquely qualified to guide you through this specialist training.

Unique Content

This business English course has been written by a professional with first-hand experience in finance and start-ups. The content is professional and unique and can be customised to fit your needs.


We email and/or telephone the student in advance of the workshop to gauge their precise job duties. This provides the opportunity to customise the content and exercises to your specific needs.

Management Reporting, Measurements & Money

Subjects Include:

  • Basic Terms in Numbers
  • Approximations
  • Expressing Large Numbers
  • The many ways of saying “zero”
  • Reporting and Forecasts
  • Management Reporting | Ranking
  • Management Reporting | Comparing Results
  • Management Reporting | Rating
  • Scoring and Surveys
  • Monetary Values
  • Prices and Discounts
  • Currencies and FOREX
  • Charts, Graphs and Tables
  • Measurements and Dimensions
  • Averages (mean, median and mode)
  • Dates and Times
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Course Details:

Prerequiste: English level B2 and above
Number of units: 8
Length of unit: 90 mins
Number of students: 6-12
Price: 250€
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