A Master Class in
Financial English

Could you benefit from a series of English workshops, based on the English of the financial industry? In finance, the meaning of words change regularly as new concepts are introduced. It is important not only to understand the technical vocabulary but also the background and underlying meaning of the expressions.
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Some benefits of this course

Financial workshops can combine a number of single-subject modules from the following topics:
  • Numbers and money for Finance, Insurance and Banking
  • Types of banks
  • Stock markets
  • Currencies and FOREX

Highly Qualified Trainer

With more than 15 years experience in the financial sector and a further 15 years as a business trainer, Sean is uniquely qualified to guide you through this specialist training.

Unique Content

Our financial English course has been written by a professional with first-hand experience of the sector plus certificates in business English training and medical underwriting.

Tailor-made Workshops

We email and/or telephone the student in advance of the workshop to gauge their precise job duties. This provides the opportunity to customise the content and exercises to your specific needs.

Financial English Workshop

Subjects Include:

  • Difficult terms and acronyms
  • Numbers for finance
  • Currencies and central banks
  • Financial idioms
  • Charts, dates and schedules
  • Types of companies
  • Economic indicators
  • Stock markets and ETFs
  • Banking
  • Fiscal policy
  • Regulation
  • Fraud
  • Insurance
  • International trade
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Course Details:

Prerequiste: English level B2 and above
Number of units: 8
Length of unit: 90 mins
Number of students: 6-12
Price: 250€
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