Frequently asked questions

How long does course access last?

You will continue to have access to each course you have purchased for as long we are around - hopefully for ever! FREE courses may change at any time.

Payment Methods for Courses

We have Paypal and Stripe secure payment methods for our paid courses. If you wish to pay by bank transfer please contact us and we can organise this method.

Payment Methods for Subscriptions

You can pay for a subscription to our self-study courses using a credit card. This will be processed via the secure Stripe payment processing system.

Cancellation of subscription

You can cancel your subscription to our business English courses at any time.  Once cancelled no further payments will be taken from your card.

What is a Webinar course

When you join one of our webinar courses, you will receive notification via email each time we are hosting a business English webinar.

Do I need Quizlet account

To learn using our Quizlet study guides you do not require a Quizlet account. When you purchase the Quizlet courses, you will receive links and passwords to the Quizlet study sets.

What is a self-study course?

Our self-study courses comprise of training videos from a professional training, with unique business English content. At the end of each section there are self-correcting tests to help ferment the newly acquired knowledge.

Is it necessary to download an App

No, our courses can be followed on your computer or phone without downloading an App.

Business English Courses

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