Wine Industry English

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Patrick Jones - Course author

Sean Roe

In this course I have combined 2 of my passions - teaching and the wine industry. As a business English trainer I feel privileged to be able to use my experience in hospitality to help wine makers and professionals in the tourist industry improve their international sales. Learning how to communicate proficiently with dealing with potential clients can dramatically enhance your chances of success.
Having lived and work in various wine regions in Europe I have acquired first-hand knowledge of wine making processes, regions, wine styles and international wine fairs. I have studied and obtained a WSET Level 3 certification, which along with my CertIbet business English training qualification enabled me to write a great course covering many aspects of this fascinating sector.

Wine Industry

Wine Trade Fairs

Sales and Export

Wine Making

Basic Terms

Wine Styles

Descriptive Terms
In the course we will run through a professional tasting, and identify vocabulary and collocations useful for describing the appearance, the nose, the palate and the mouth feel. Learn useful adjectives and descriptive terms, plus the English vocabulary of wine making and international wine trade.

What's included?

  • 5 Videos
  • 20 Questions
  • Quizlet Study Set
  • 1 Certification

Course Goal

This course aims to help participants become more comfortable dealing with numbers in English. This skill is so important for professionals who are conducting international trade, delivering presentations, participating in meetings, or analysing and sharing data.


The lessons and tests cover the following subjects: Fundamental terms used in basic numbers, expressing very large and very small numbers, how to talk about approximate amounts, and the many ways of saying zero.

The English of Wine

Course Lessons

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