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Practise and improve your business English with our native speakers, while discussing politics, economics, weather, sport, international relations, and business. Send us your topic suggestions as we like to discuss what you are interested in, and vary the conversation.

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English Conversion

Practise and perfect your English conversation with a native speaker. Join our group every Monday and enjoy some fun discussions while improving English communication skills. 

Topics for discussion

Send us the subjects you would like to discuss, or where you would like to improve your English vocabulary. You can also continue the conversation in our forum and enhance your written  English.

Weekly Webinars

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Meet the instructor

Sean Roe

Sean is well-placed to talk about current affairs in a way that helps explain key vocabulary, idioms, and advanced grammatical structures to people who are looking to perfect their English. He is a qualified business English trainer with a financial industry background, as well as a career owning retail and export/import businesses in London, Paris, and Berlin.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Weekly Webinars

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