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Patrick Jones - Course author

Creator: Sean Roe

This course specialises in the English language of insurance. Learn some of the terminology used to describe the different types of insurance. You will gain an understanding of the various branches of insurance and their characteristics. Improve your English skills in this broad industry sector.

Since 2007, I’ve had the honour of helping hundreds of professionals achieve their goal of advancing in an English-speaking business environment. My clients have included executives from some of the top universities, financial institutions, start-ups, and industry leaders in Paris and Berlin.

Teaching is my passion, which is why I feel privileged as a business English trainer to be able to use my experience in finance, insurance, hospitality, wine, and retail to help non-native speakers improve their business comprehension and communication skills.

Types of Insurance

What is the goal?

Income, pensions etc

Who is the policy holder?

Individual or company?

What is covered?

What is the risk?
In this training session on the English of Insurance you will learn the vocabulary used to describe the many varieties of insurance.
We cover long-term and short-term cover, life assurance, general insurance, pensions and investment. Learn how to categorise in a number of different ways including by mandatory or optional insurance.

What's included?

  • 30 min training video
  • 1 Quiz
  • 1 Certification

Course Goal

This course aims to help those working in the insurance sector become more comfortable dealing in English with international clients, colleagues and reinsurers. You will practice using industry terms, acronyms, idioms and expressions.


Types of insurance includes the following subjects:
Long-term vs short-term policies 
Life assurance
Non-life insurance
Pensions and investments
The policyholder and the beneficiary
Compulsory insurance and facultative cover

Types of Insurance

Course Lessons

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