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Sean Roe

Since 2007, I’ve had the honour of helping hundreds of professionals achieve their goal of advancing in an English-speaking business environment. My clients have included executives from some of the top universities, financial institutions, start-ups and industry leaders in Paris and Berlin.
Teaching is my passion, which is why I feel privileged as a business English trainer to be able to use my experience in finance, hospitality, wine, and retail to help non-native speakers improve their business comprehension and communication skills.
My courses specialise in teaching the cutting-edge terminology of sectors such as banking, insurance, international commerce, technology, law, medicine, sports, and the wine trade. I use exclusive original content, news articles, authentic documents and exercises to improve trainees' presentations, reports, meetings, small-talk, and overall business confidence.

Management Reporting

Sean Roe

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Learn the English vocabulary of property, including real estate management, investment and marketing. In this course I will be guiding you through how to present a property brochure to a client. Become competent in describing your requirements when searching for a new property investment. We will look at collocations, common abbreviations and useful grammar, as well as how to eliminate some common mistakes.

What's included?

  • 4 Chapters
  • 1 Certification
  • 23 Questions
  • 4 Videos

Course Goal

This course aims to help participants become more comfortable dealing with numbers in English. This skill is so important for professionals who are conducting international trade, delivering presentations, participating in meetings, or analysing and sharing data.


In our training videos the presenter guides you through the key vocabulary, phrases, and idioms used in management reporting subjects such as ranking, rating, comparing results, budgets, and forecasts. Strengthen your learning with our multiple choice quiz at the end of each section.

The English of Property

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