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During the ExecNews webinar on Wednesdays Sean guides you through the newspaper headlines of the week. He explains the difficult terminology used by journalists, enabling English language students to understand tricky press vocabulary. Access here the presentations and revise this specialist English training.

What's included?

  • Advanced English
  • Newspaper Headlines
  • Over 100 Terms
  • 8 PDFs
  • 1 Quiz

Journalistic Speak

Improve your understanding of newspaper headlines by learning many of the terms which the press regularly use to create catchy content and engaging article titles.

Newspaper Headlines

Newspapers and trade press articles are extremely difficult to read; the headlines have their own vocab and grammar!    

Access now the presentations in PDF format from the weekly webinars. 

News Presentations


Meet the instructor

Sean Roe

Sean is well-placed to talk about current affairs in a way that helps explain key vocabulary, idioms, and advanced grammatical structures to people who are looking to perfect their English. He is a qualified business English trainer with a financial industry background, as well as a career owning retail and export/import businesses in London, Paris, and Berlin.
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