Insurance Contracts  Business English

Self-study Course

Intermediate / Advanced Level English

Patrick Jones - Course author

Creator: Sean Roe

This module on the English of Insurance focusses on the complicated language of contracts. Learn the English vocabulary required to discuss the insured risks, selection and benefits. We cover subjects including common contract clauses, insurance contract terms, and the principles of insurance.

Since 2007, I’ve had the honour of helping hundreds of professionals achieve their goal of advancing in an English-speaking business environment. My clients have included executives from some of the top universities, financial institutions, start-ups, and industry leaders in Paris and Berlin.

Teaching is my passion, which is why I feel privileged as a business English trainer to be able to use my experience in finance, insurance, hospitality, wine, and retail to help non-native speakers improve their business comprehension and communication skills.

Insurance Contracts

Insurance Tenets

Principals of Insurance

Key Terms

Mandatory, Subrogation, Indemnity etc.

Latin Phrases

bona fide, per diem ...
This course helps insurance professionals speak more fluently in English when discussing insurance contracts. You will learn vocabulary and expressions used to describe the technical and legal terms used in insurance contracts.

What's included?

  • 25 min training video
  • 1 Quiz
    3 Quizlet Sets
    100s of terms
  • 1 Certification

Course Goal

This course helps professionals  working in the insurance industry become more comfortable discussing contracts in English. You will learn the vocabulary for the different sections and legal phrases of an insurance contract.

Subjects Include:

1. Contract clauses
2. Contract vocabulary
3. Principles of insurance
4. Principles of contract law
5. Latin expressions

Insurance Contracts

Course Lessons

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