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The English of Insurance

In this bundle are included 8 self-study courses which all focus on the English language used in the insurance industry. The courses are divided into the following modules: The Life of a Policy, Advanced Numbers, General Insurance, Life & Health, Types of Insurance, Savings & Pensions, Contracts and Reinsurance. Each course has a training video and self-correcting tests. The content has been written by an insurance professional who is also a qualified business English trainer.

What's included?

  • 8 self-study courses
  • 8 training videos
  • 100s of questions
  • Certificate


Improve your technical and industry specific English with these targeted insurance language courses.

Insurance English

Learn the vocabulary, idioms, phrases, and technical terms used by international professionals in the insurance industry.
Courses included

The English of Insurance

This package of 8 individual courses covers the following topics:
1. Life of a Policy
2. Types of Insurance
3. General Insurance
4. Savings & Pensions
5. Reinsurance
6. Advanced Numbers
7. Life & Health
8. Contracts

The English of Insurance

Business English courses of this kind could be offered to insurance professionals as a one-off training benefit, or in addition to their regular English lessons.
Learn how to discuss insurance contracts, the different types of insurance entities, describe the life cycle of an insurance policy in English, and much more. 
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