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Management Reporting English

Learn the English of management reporting, including the vocabulary of budgets, profits, currency, ratings and rankings. The courses included in this bundle help participants become more comfortable dealing with numbers in English. This skill is so important for professionals who are conducting international trade, delivering presentations, participating in meetings, or analysing and sharing data. It is so easy to make mistakes when talking about figures, and misunderstandings can be very expensive. These videos and quizzes are designed to eliminate confusion, and reduce mistakes. It’s a subject that does not get covered very often, as not all English language trainers are comfortable themselves talking about numbers.

Designed by a business professional

Listen to creator Sean Roe talk about why he built this suite of business English courses. Aimed at enterprise management to enable them to highly tune their English language when reporting their departmental results, or when presenting a business proposal in English.
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Courses included

Management Reporting English

The program aims to help participants to perform executive tasks in English – especially when they need to express and write numbers and figures.
You will learn how to compare company results, discuss product ranking and rating, understand market reports (including the stock exchange and FOREX) and much more.

Management Reporting English

This business English course has been written by a professional with first-hand experience in finance and start-ups. The content is professional and unique and can be customised to fit your needs.

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