5 reasons to use Quizlet during isolation – and afterwards.

May 12 / Sean Roe

Distance learning allows students to balance their other commitments more effectively, fitting their course work into slots which would normally be downtime. While travelling on public transport, during breaks between meetings or simply for a change of pace in their working day. 
Quizlet is on online platform which allows teachers create study guides which are engaging and fun. Read some of the plus sides of educating yourself using this method.

Quizlet Online Learning Tools

1 As you know already, the palm-card technique really works. Hearing a word once or twice is rarely enough to make it stick and looking at lists is limited too. But Quizlet takes palm-cards to a new level, introducing a flexibility that you cannot get from bits of paper. One of these functions is the multiple-choice test. Other apps have multiple-choice, but the computer-generated wrong answers are too easy to identify. By selecting possible responses from the rest of the cards in the set, Quizlet ensures that most of the options are plausible answers.

2 You can listen as well as read! This really improves on the flash-card model. The automatic speech function is fairly good – and creators can re-record any audio that isn’t perfect. You will come across different accents and voices to help you practice your comprehension. This is particularly useful for those who learn better by hearing, than by reading.

3 Quizlet’s games are fun to play. Compete against your own personal best, or challenge friends and strangers. Killing an hour while waiting for something becomes productive learning. Allow yourself to become addicted; this way you can effortlessly spend much longer revising than usual.

4 The range of subjects is immense, far more than you will find in a library of text books. Find niche sets that help you to research your hobbies on the web, or speak to fellow nerds. This heralds the end of the tyranny of the forbidden PARSNIP subjects! *politics, alcohol, religion, sexism, narcotics, -isms, pork

5 You can use the app on your phone! This means that you can play wherever you go – to your front room, in the kitchen, on the balcony – even in the bath!
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