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We offer specialist business English training courses for professionals. Sign up your clients to our unique content and earn commission for each referral. Use our automatic affiliate hyperlink on your website, giving you access to your personal dashboard on our site. Alternatively contact us to organise workshops for your students, and we will agree your special commission rate.

Some benefits of our training

The advantages for language schools:
  • you can offer your clients material that is not available elsewhere and is tailored to their needs
  • a “blended learning” course allows a trainer to work on grammatical structures, pronunciation and oral expression
  • client firms appreciate your wide range of language training solutions
  • you can win business from companies for whom you are not the principal provider by targeting their technical staff
  • clients in hard-to-reach locations can be serviced cost-effectively

The advantage to students:
  • learning English in the same way that they will use it, by reading, listening, watching and repeating including audio and video content 
  • 24 hour access, seven days a week, and studying need not take place on company time

The expert finance and insurance material designed by an industry professional:

  • ensures that employees are using the correct technical language
  • focuses on eliminating commonly-made mistakes
  • improves the students' confidence in pitches and marketing situations
  • presents the language training through a subject matter of interest to the trainee

Targeted coaching can be much more effective than traditional teaching. 

For example, many students prefer to concentrate on specific gaps in their knowledge and we can help with exercises designed to address:

  • false friends and language traps
  • synonyms and antonyms
  • phrasal verbs and other conversational constructions
  • technical vocab and important collocations

Our specialist industry sectors include insurance, finance, management reporting, project management, engineering, technology, international business, communication, and the wine industry. Our native English trainers have hands-on business experience, and business English teaching qualifications. See what some of our clients say about our training: 

How to apply

Send us your name, email and website details. Provided we have a common ethos, we will create your affiliate account. An email notification will be sent to you with a link to your personal dashboard. Here you will find your unique hyperlink which you can add to your website. Every time a student purchases a course using this link, the commission will be added to your account. Check our terms and conditions below.

Self-study Courses

With many people now working from home, and managing their own time, there is a huge surge in online self-study training. The benefits are clear, but essentially for our courses students now have access to specialist content allowing them to fine-tune their business English. Our self-study courses contain video lessons presented by our business English trainer, and each course has many self-correcting tests, quizzes and games. 

English Workshops

Earn commission by referring your clients to our specialist industry specific English training. If you contact us directly with the names and requirements of your students, once they have signed up to one of our workshops, the appropriate commission with be added to your account. 

For professionals in international business, the requirement to avoid misunderstandings in the international area is essential.  
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